Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Post 100 - Back to killing my own spiders

Mr. and Mrs. Wren - August 16, 2001

I know that in the blogger world, a big deal is often made of the 100th post. Back around 50, I wondered what imaginative thing I would do with mine. As it happens, fate and the fact that I have finally gathered sufficient strength has decreed that post 100 will be to announce a devastating change in our family. This is not the time or the forum for details, but we will leave it that J has decided to move on to what he feels is greener grass.

Sad is too tame a word for what we feel around here. Although we have been buoyed up by many loving family members and friends, we all really miss our Daddy/Companion and are hurting from his decision to go. We all wish his choice had been different, but we are now left with the reality of picking up the broken pieces of this home and making it into something that works and is a loving and peaceful place for my three little ones to grow.

To this end, this will be the final post for The Wren Birds. As chronicles go, I would say this is a definite end of a chapter. I've never been accused of being unsentimental and I feel like the posts in this blog belong to the complete family that we were. It has been a month since he left and although "getting my feet under me" varies from day to day, I feel like I need to do something to signal a new beginning. Even if it is just a new blog, with a new title and a new feel.

This new phase of our lives will be chronicled (is that a word? If not, it should be) at:

(I know! Irony...I couldn't resist.)

We welcome any and all prayers and good vibes sent our way as the weeks and months ahead will be very difficult as we adjust and find a new normal.

Friday, October 2, 2009


In the last 24 hours:

Samuel and Thomas got into a fight and Sam stood up and shouted:

"That's it!! This is the END of our happy friendship!!!"

I asked Thomas to grab me a diaper for Sis and he looked and me and then down at the toys he had clutched in his hands and said apologetically:

"Sorry Mom, I can't. I have a toy in each hand..."

Janie thinks it is funny when you sneeze.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Janie's Day

For Janie's baby blessing on August 30th, we decided to make it a quiet affair at home, rather than doing it at church. However, anyone who knows me, knows that as soon as I find out I am expecting, I am planning the "blessing party" because I get a big kick out of entertaining. So I kind of went overboard for a party in honor of someone who can't even eat solid food yet. In this case, I got to do things a little differently since it did not involve a large crowd. Grandpa Wren did the honors of blessing our girlie and my parents attended as well as members of the bishopric. It was a beautiful blessing and the guest of honor looked beautiful (if a little disgruntled to be in such a fluffy dress) and the feast was plentiful. All in all, it was a celebration worthy of our princess.

I really need a better camera, don't I?

Amy, who runs the business 'Flowerz in her Hair' keeps JLo in bows and bling. She is awesome and she specially created the blessing headband. Isn't it pretty? Anyone with girls, check her out (link on my sidebar).

I love this bracelet but is it not likely to fit her chubby little wrist much longer. Had to document it...
New Jane and Vintage Jane bonding (She is Grandma K's namesake)

Two excellent Grandpas. My kids are exceptionally lucky.

Us five

The feast! It looks like a lot less here than it felt like I prepared. I do have to note that the lemon garnish on the lemonade was all Sam's idea. He saw it on a cartoon and thought it made a good finishing touch. It did, didn't it?

Come on, you totally wanted to see pictures of what we ate, didn't you?

(bowtie pasta because Janie girl is never without a bow! It's all about symbolism and atmosphere people!)

( A Jay special...)

The dessert that is likely to keep me in the will with both father and father in law :-)! We found some new fans for this particular dessert. Dad K even claimed that it trumps what has been his standby favorite (german chocolate cake) for as long as I can remember. If I really like you, I will give you the recipe. It's up to you figure that out though :) Even if you aren't a pecan fan. You will be converted. I promise.

Thank you to the family that attended and helped make the evening special.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Family Camp Out

Despite our good intentions to get out several camp outs this summer, we only managed one (probably having something to do with the new baby!). However, it was action packed, if not very rugged.

The boys learned several new swear words while they helped dad set up the tent

We rode bikes around the campground (yes, the roads are paved. I said it wasn't rugged...)

We attempted to make tin foil dinners that looked much better before they were cooked. We didn't know how long they needed to be in the fire, so opted to keep them in for an hour. Bad idea...
So, we hunted down and dragged home a pizza from the wilds of the Little Ceasar's down the road instead. We were kind of glad it was dark by then, because we were embarrassed to have our neighbors in the next campsite witness our shame!

Dessert turned out okay

This is how Sam posed for every picture. Silly much? He must be five!

Thomas joining Sam in "the pose"

Dad and sis getting in on the action too.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 what brings

Today in the car sweet Thomas piped up:

T: "Mom, I am going to marry you when I grow up!"

While I was mopping up my melting heart, Samuel contributed his own comment:

S: "Mom, when you get married, do you just walk around and hold hands?"

Me: "Yes, you do that sometimes. What else do you think married people do?"

T: "They kiss!!"

S: (admiringly) "Thomas, you are really smart! I think married people also dance really good, and when you dance the most good, you get a trophy."

Me: (trying to figure out which of my child's parents gave him the impression that dancing is an integral part of a marriage) "So, I don't have a trophy, does that mean I am not a good dancer?"

S: "Ummm...."

It must be J he's thinking of.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Class of 2022

I'm going to say it! Five years ago, we looked at our baby boy and said "I can't believe he will be going to school in only a few years" and it seems like we said it only yesterday. Contrary to my predictions when he started preschool, I managed to not cry. I must be maturing. Or else I am sick to death of the constant Wren style wrangling that goes on between my monkey boys. Either way, it was still a hallmark day and the whole family accompanied Sam to school on the first day of the rest of his life.
*Interesting note: This child who has woken at the crack of dawn all summer decided a week before the start of school that sleeping in is good. Guess who we have to drag out of bed every morning? It might be a long twelve years...
True to the original Kinsel tradition, he was allowed to pick whatever he wanted for breakfast on the first day of school. He chose strawberry milk, donuts, bacon and ice cream. Three out of four weren't bad, but kind of a waste of the "whatever you want" rule. He'll learn.

In front of his classroom, showing Thomas how it's done at school!

The first of many desks!
*sniff* I'm so proud...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Belly Laughs

Happy 3 month birthday to our little J-Lo! Thomas can really get her to laugh much to the jealousy of older brother who feels like the title of comedy king rightfully belongs to him.